short job search site reviews

i'm currently in hell; aka unemployed (and unemployable) in a country that refuses to offer meaningful help to the people trapped within it's borders and subject to it's laws. applying to job openings is one way that i've been spending my time. here's some quick takes on some of the options available to me:


i've had more luck getting hired through Snagajob than i've had with any other site. some jobs even have an "easy apply" option, so you don't have to then go to a different site and make an account just to send an application. however, the majority of companies that list openings on Snagajob are bottom-of-the-barrel trash with bottom-of-the-barrel wages like McDonalds.

also, if you were hoping to use search functions to avoid having to wade through the endless, stinking cesspool of DoorDash and Uber spam, stop hoping. Snagajob has been around for years and still won't let you use - or "".


a massive improvement over Snagajob in terms of tricking your brain into thinking you're being productive. i've even succeeded in getting hired once or twice through it. searches are much more customizable so you're more likely to find job listings that are actually relevant to you... or, more likely, turn up misleadingly titled people-facing jobs that evaded your massive -"call center" -telemarketer -sales -receptionist -"customer service" ... search string.

the only other thing of note is that indeed lets you take little quizzes on various topics that let you add nice-sounding adjectives to your resume, like "Highly Proficient".


half job listings and half social media, Linkedin fails at both and is possibly the worst of the worst. when you tire of wading through thinly-veiled MLM traps you can regain your stamina by reading "inspirational" masturbatory nonsense from a CEO who has never had to sit on hold for hours with a hospital to beg for their medical debt to be forgiven.

at least in the wasteland of Twitter you can look at porn.

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