recent web design endeavors

i had been sitting on the rime.gay url for a while, but it was only within the past week that i finally got around to doing something with it.

thanks to my friend Iris, i was able to renew the domain and have space to host a little site (linked above).

it isn't much, but i like how it came out. i found out about the various small site clubs, 1mb, 512kb, 250kb, 10kb, etc and was determined to make it as small as i possibly could while still allowing myself some CSS and JS, as a treat.

in the end, i got the index page down to 9.8kb, which would qualify it for the 10kb club if there was anything useful or noteworthy on it; while i personally think my upcoming rant about how the nu pogodi! remake sucks because it's not unintentionally gay anymore is useful, most people would (wrongly) disagree with me. the about page is larger, at 15.1kb. the whole thing, as of this writing, is just shy of 25kb.

it made me think about web design in a very different way. one thing i had to do was condense the file size of the background image from an already miniscule 6kb to 2.3kb. for some reason i was having trouble doing it with GIMP (it kept giving me file sizes larger than 6kb even though i thought i was compressing it more), but img2go did the job.

the other thing was the custom font. it's my favorite serif font, and i was determined to use it even though it started life at 15.3kb. i found out i could do this via fontsquirrel's webfont generator. all i had to do was upload the .ttf version of the font and remove all the glyphs i wasn't using. for the index page, this meant all glyphs besides lowercase letters, which gave me a final size of 4.4kb. on the about page (and any other pages i may add) i figured i would need more glyphs, so i made another version that came out to 7.9kb.

and now, i'm turning my attention to my neocities site. my home page started life at over a MB (i forgot to write down the specific amount), and after working on it a little bit i've gotten it down to 454kb. i think my plan for the moment is, since my NC site is image heavy, to keep each page at 512kb or less.

i've also been tweaking the design of this here blog, but i'm a little frustrated because i want to make it look like my rime.gay site but i apparently can't use classes here! i like the bg image, but the text is a little hard to read without a div between them. so for now, until i can figure it out, the bg is just light grey.

- 2 toasts