opening my mind with openSUSE

i've been learning how to use openSUSE Leap 15.3 over the past two days.

there's a definite learning curve over Windows 10, but so far i've been able to do everything i set out to do, which includes:

figuring out how to install apps

as of this writing i've got Discord, Telegram, Lynx, Pale Moon, GIMP and Bottles. i used flatpak for Discord, Telegram, GIMP and Bottles, and stumbled through the installation of Lynx and Pale Moon in it's absence. both work beautifully though so i must've done something right!

installing a Windows-only app

this is why i needed Bottles. there are very few apps keeping me in Windows, and i figured it'd be best to start with one of the simpler ones: Furcadia. yes, i know it's been a ghost town for years. unfortunately my soul is permanently tethered to this game, and even if i don't log in that much i still want to have it easily accessible.

i experienced a little bit of trouble installing it, but i was quickly greeted by the sight of my little Equine character (i can't afford a Cerdiere digo at the moment..) chilling on a pillow. further testing is needed but it seems to work as intended.

and hey, who knows... maybe they'll finish the 32-bit update soon and will be drawing in 2000s numbers again!

OP will surely deliver

why am i doing this to myself?

the main reason is maybe kind of stupid. i recently bought a secondhand Nook Simple Touch, it was the cheapest e-reader i could find with decent expandable storage. All Nooks run Android, and the NST specifically runs 2.1/Eclair, so if you root them you can install Android apps on it.

the problems with this should be obvious: Eclair is fucking ancient, which means finding apps that work has been difficult. finding apps that work and also don't look like garbage on the e-ink screen is even harder.

i realized that if i wanted to use my NST the way i wanted to, i was going to have to write some apps myself. at first, i tried using Android Studio on Windows but found that it wouldn't let me select 2.1 as my minimum. judging by the posts on the XDA Developers forum, most people who do code for the NST are using some flavor of linux, so here we are. i still need to learn Kotlin and figure out what kind of apps i want on my NST but i'll count those bridges before they burn.

whats next?

i think my next endeavor is getting Minecraft to run. if i can manage that, the only thing i'll need to go into Windows for is Genshin Impact. since i'm still grieving over the Arataki Itto i never succeeded in pulling, i won't be booting up Windows for a good while.

after that? idk. i'll just have to see what my ADHD tells me to do when the time comes.

Meal of the Day

today's Meal of the Day was stir-fried Light Life sausage with onions and peppers in general tso's sauce over rice. it wasn't the only meal i had, but it was one of the better ones.

- 1 toast