not computer related

there isn't much to report on the computery front.

aside from messing around with calibre (i got an error when i tried to import my library from windows so i just decided to remake it), i've just been playing Terraria and doing my usual self-harming routine of searching for/applying to/getting turned down for jobs. maybe it's for the best though, because if gas prices really do skyrocket to $5-$6 a gallon i won't be able to afford to go to work anyway.

purble tower

this is the tower i've been working on in my expert world.

since it hasn't been raining the last few days i've mostly been spending time cleaning out the shed, throwing away trash and setting aside things i might be able to sell. who knows when though, in my experience potential buyers on local selling apps love to ghost you.

i'm hoping to use the shed partly for long-term food and water storage after i get it cleaned out. i've started saving the seeds and butts (idk what the proper term is; i mean the part where the roots are) of the produce i buy and am trying my hand at growing my own food. so far it's mostly onions and garlic since they start growing with little to no help. i'm hoping to eventually get to the point where i don't have to rely on a grocery store for produce anymore.

onion prolapse

this is the first onion i started about 3 weeks ago, and so far it's looking like i'll get 4 or 5 new onions out of it.

as for the water, i've been saving the jugs that i buy my almond or soy milk in. they're 96 fl oz/0.75 gal and are sturdier than the jugs dairy milk come in. being opaque also helps keep light out, reducing the chance of mold/algae growth. i don't know how i'll make my almond or soy milk if i can't buy it anymore but i'll cross that bridge when i get to it.

Meal of the Day

today's Meal of the Day was an Impossible Burger. i don't know what they do to it at Burger King, but cooking it myself results in a better-tasting burger. i always cook it with onions, garlic and some soy sauce, and this time i also used some G Hughes sugar free BBQ sauce. i've actually been using it a lot lately, it's delicious and low calorie if that matters to you. my only complaint is that i skimped out on the buns, opting for the flimsy store-brand instead.

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