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this is just a short post highlighting some cool shit i've experienced recently..


i love vaporwave, and this is honestly some of the best vaporwave i've ever heard. it hits the nostalgia centers of my brain with a sledgehammer. their neocities page is also amazing, it's the exact kind of thing child!me would've been blown away by. it's so wrong that their videos only have a few hundred or thousand views, and their channel only has 402 subscribers as of this writing. hopefully this post can boost those numbers a little..?


continuing with browser-based games is corru.observer. i'm not gonna go into the story, you'll just have to experience it for yourself. trying to wrap my head around the code that was required to make this game boggles my mind; i wish i could make something even a fraction as visually appealing as this.


moving on to mobile games, i've been obsessed with this developer's games the past couple days. they're short enough to finish in one sitting and you only have to view ads when you need a hint (which i need frequently, unfortunately). i also like that they all take place in the same universe and directly reference each other, which is a smart move on the devs' part because it made me play all of their games (and watch the ads lmao).


this is the book i'm currently reading, i'm over halfway through it and i can't recommend stealing acquiring it enough. the only problem is that the longer i read it, the longer my to-read queue gets because Zinn cites like 500 other books a page. i've learned a lot from it which i like, however this knowledge makes me realize just how little has actually changed.

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