closing the windows

since my last post, i've been using openSUSE almost exclusively.

in addition to extensively, ah, testing the functionality of linux Minecraft and Terraria, i've found that i can do just about everything else i need to without Windows. so i've begun the process of transferring my files to the openSUSE partition; from now on i only intend to use Windows when i catch Genshin Fever again.

there are only a couple of issues i've run into:

1) sometimes, apps i've installed via flathub crash when i open them. i found this thread when i looked up the error message i got, and the temporary fix OP presents works. unfortunately i'm still too linux-illiterate to understand the rest of it so i don't know how to do a permanent fix.

2) Minecraft won't keep me logged in between sessions. i think it's because it wants to run in a GNOME environment; i went with KDE. fortunately the solution it provides seems more straightforward; i just haven't gotten around to trying it yet. having to log in every time isn't that much of a hassle for me.

i'll soon circle back to the reason why i switched to linux in the first place: coding. i've got some ideas for further hacking my NST as well, the highest priority among them being either finding a way to make the default library app display my CBZ files or write a new one that does.

as for non-computery pursuits...

i've started saving seeds from produce i buy and will attempt to get them to grow. gardening is something i've always wanted to do, but haven't had much luck. i attempted to grow some flowers last year and they died shortly after sprouting... i'm not sure what i did wrong there, but it seems like now is the time for me to start again. if i manage to get anything to grow this time, i'll share some photos here.

Meal of the Day

today's Meal of the Day was - unfortunately - a Burger King Impossible Burger. i was busy all day and too tired to cook something decent.

- 1 toast